Online blackjack is a type of online game that requires you to play via an online casino. You can easily access this game right from your phone or mobile device. You can learn more about these online casino games on the websites of onlinecasino-newzealand .

How to play online blackjack

Online blackjack is very simple to play, even a complete beginner can easily understand its gameplay in minutes. The games begin with the dealer sharing two cards to every player. The dealer also gets two cards which can be face up or face down.

Generally, the aim of the game is for the players to get a hand below 22 but above that of the dealer. In most cases, the dealer stops playing when his hand is 17 or more and in the cases of a tie, half of the bet is returned.


What are the actions a player can take?

To win in blackjack, the player must make moves to beat the dealer. After the players get his card and feel it is not high enough, the player can ask for an additional card. This move is called hit. The player can continue hitting until his hand is above 21.

Another move you can make is 'stand'. This is the opposite of hitting and you do this when you do not want any more card added to your hand. In a case whereby you have a pair of same card, you can decide to split

Online blackjack variants

There are several online blackjack variants that you can choose from, each of which has its own unique attributes. The common variant is the blackjack switch. This variant allows the players to start the game with two hands. The players are also allowed to interchange the cards between these hands.

Another common blackjack variant is the double exposure blackjack. This type allows the player to see the first two cards of the dealer. However, when there is a draw, the lose the bet instead of the regular splitting of the bet and also blackjack pays 1 to 1

Where do you play online blackjack?

To play online blackjack, you must have an account registered at an online casino. This online casino must have met certain requirements before you choose them anyways. The major requirement is that the online casino must have a license to operate issued by a recognized gaming authority/

Also, the online casino must give players different options for making deposits and withdrawals. Preferably, these options should have Visa and Mastercard since they are one of the most secure options. The more options you have the better for you. You should also check for the promptness of customer support.

How do you win at online blackjack

Online blackjack is a game of chance, however, you can increase your chance of winning by equipping yourself with a few basic strategies. The first is to stop hitting when your hand is 19 or more. This way you will significantly reduce the rate at which you bust.

Another strategy is that you should split your hand when you have a pair of 8. The reason being that 17 is the number where most dealers stop hitting and at 16, there is every chance of busting. By splitting, you reduce the possibility of going over 21